9th - 14th Sept

Makkah al-Mukarramah

Hyatt Regency Hotel


14th - 18th Sept

Madinah al-Munawwarah

Royal Inn al-Rawda Hotel


19th - 21st Sept


Sara Tower

21st - 25th Sept


Private Advanced Tents

25th - 27th Sept


Sara Tower


T he Hajj is a pilgrimage like no other. It is a sacred journey in which one is privileged to undertake to gain closeness to Allah; through the rituals, places, people, and scenarios a pilgrim will encounter. The physical journey coincides with an inner spiritual journey that enriches the mind as well as the soul.

Preparations should be made in order to fully appreciate and understand the wisdom of Hajj; this includes understanding the legal rules pertaining to Hajj, as well readying the mind for a higher state of consciousness. Those performing the Hajj will then truly reap the fruits from the journey of a lifetime. This beautiful experience is intended to instil a deeper faith and stronger commitments for those who partake in it.